Out of my respect for the Native American People I created this site.  They  have a right to know the truth.  This site is designed to expose Joanelle Romero, as the Con-Artist, Habitual Liar, and Scammer that she really is.  She uses the Native American Indian people for nothing more than a front to scam companies out of funding.  The claims of her organization being Non-Profit are a complete and out right lie.  There is no proof of any Native Organization ever receiving any monies from any of Red Nation’s fund raisers.

Any Grants or Fund Raising money is used for Ms. Romero to live on.  JoanelleRomeroUsesGrantFundstoLiveonSee 

 The native people who think they will get their voices heard by submitting their films to the Red Nation Film Festival should spin their wheels elsewhere.  These events are only used as photo-ops for Joanelle.

You will be able to Fact Check anything that is stated on this site.  From Law Suits, Stolen Artwork, to Fraudulent Taxes.  You can see it all for yourself and know once and for all.

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